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Warriors Draft JAMISON!:  The Warriors took a big step to a brighter future today when they drafted 6-8 forward Antwan Jamison from the University of North Carolina.   Jamison was averaging 22.2 points and over 10 rebounds a game in his final season in Carolina.   He was named the Consensus National Player of the Year.  Jamison was drafted #4 but was later traded to the Warriors for number five pick Vince Carter and 1 million in chash.  In post draft interviews which can be read at Jamison said that he felt good about the coaches in Golden State and got a good feel for P.J at his workout with the Warriors.  There have been some doubts about Jamison's ability to shoot from the outside, but his career numbers have shown the complete opposite.  He should quickly become the best player for the Warriors and help rebuild this franchise.


David Stern announced today that the Warriors will host the 2000 NBA ALL STAR GAME!

The NBA lockout drags on again and the NBA cancelled the rest of the November schedule.   The Players and the Owners both seem to be pessimistic about the future of this NBA season as they have made little progress during their bargaining sessions.


In another episode of the Spreewell saga, Spree decided to sue his agent for not negotiating a proper clause in his contract that would force the Warriors to pay him during his suspension. This is becoming a big joke and an embarrassment to the League and to the Warriors. 


The NBA season took another blow today as the scheduled Saturday meeting between the owners and the players was cancelled.


The Players and the Owners finally met today to attempt to end the lockout.   Unfortunately no progress was made yet again.  The Owners were willing to compromise by splitting the revenues 50-50 but the players were unwilling to move from 57 percent.  There were no formal proposals made on this day of negotiating but at least they met which they have been unwilling to do recently.  No further talks have been scheduled.  For a more detailed story visit


The Owners sent the Players their proposal to end the NBA Lockout which has been going on for five months. The Owners have allowed the players to retain off the Hard Salary cap and the Larry Bird exemption which allows teams to go over the salary cap to sign their own players.


The Owners met today with the players in The Denver International Airport to attempt to salvage the season before the January seventh deadline.  However despite their attempt to save the season ESPN reported that there was little progress made in what the owners called their final proposal to the Union.  For a detailed account of the meeting in Denver visit . No further talks have been scheduled. 


The Owners have voted to reject the Union's final offer.  The players have decided to put the owners final offer to a vote on Wednesday.


The NBA Lockout was settled today.  David Stern and Bill Hunter spent the whole night in a secret meeting to settle the lockout.  The owners will review the agreement on Thursday the seventh of january.  The season is set to begin on February the second.